What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement is a medical process which involves replacement of knee joint through surgery with any artificial material to ease problem in knee. People also know the process as makoplasty. Thus, the two terms are used interchangeably.

Knee is categorized as a hinge joint which helps in the motion of the body. It connects the lower leg with the thigh, thus provides support to the overall body and its movements as well. The process of knee replacement surgery involves removal of femur bone and is replaced with metal shell.

When to go for Knee Replacement?

Sometimes knee is damaged and individual is unable to perform normal, routine tasks. Even undergoing everyday activities like walking and climbing stairs become difficult and painful. Sometimes simply lying down or sitting also causes intense pain. In the beginning, specialist prescribe medications and normal routine which could help ease the pain. But in case the medications and therapy doesn’t work and pain aggravates then option of knee replacement is considered. Worn out parts of the knee can be replaced thus pain is relieved. Also one is able to carry out normal routine tasks with much comfort.

Statistics about Knee Replacement

The first ever knee replacement surgery was performed in the year 1968 by a orthopaedic surgeon. After the success of the surgery, the method was greatly adopted by other surgeons as well as an effective method for reducing pains of those suffering from knee issues. In the United States alone, each year as many as 581,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed.

Functions of Knee Replacement Surgery

It straightens the leg. Deformed leg or any bow in any part is corrected. It is similar to straightening the building so it doesn’t come down due to weakening structure. Such knee correction helps in attaining normal posture and reduces stress on other joints especially spine and hip joints, when a person walks.

Smooth and replacement of damaged cartilage. The process is similar to fixing of tyres of a car which are worn out and needs to be replaced.

Knee Replacement in Singapore; Money Matters

In case you plan to get your knee replacement in Singapore, you need to check how much it will cost you. As far as government hospitals are concerned, around $20,000 is needed to perform the overall surgery. Government in Singapore also give subsidies of around $10,000, thus you will end up paying only upfront of $3000 and rest of the $7000 can be claimed later on from Medisave.

In case, you plan to go to private hospital, then the overall process cost between $25000 to $30000. Due to involvement of implant, the overall cost of knee replacement is increased. Some precious metals are used in the manufacturing of these plants, mainly ceramics, steel, cobalt, titanium and chrome. These materials are long lasting and never corrode, also are very strong and long lasting in usage. Mainly for arthritis cases, strong, long lasting as well as robust implants are required.

The article provides an insight into knee replacement in case you plan to go for surgery. Make sure you get all the relevant information.