Recommended Knee Pain Treatments for All

Recommended Knee Pain Treatments

Any medical condition including pain should not be taken lightly. When a proper diagnosis has been done, its time to find the specialist and start treatment. The same is the case with knee pain. If you have figured out the cause behind your knee pain, its time you check orthopaedic and start knee pain treatment.

There are many good doctors and practitioners available in Singapore who are experts in their field. If consulted, they offer good solutions and treatments for knee pain. The article also provides some guidance in this regard.

Start Physical Therapy

The most preferred exercise to comfort and strengthen the pain knee is physical therapy. You need to consult some good physiotherapist for this matter who can advise on the types and frequency of the exercises to relieve your knee pain. If you are a sportsman or physically very active, you might be asked to improve your movement patterns during sports or activity which would be impacting your knee. This could also include some particular exercise or flexibility movements especially performed for the knee. The main objective is to target the pain areas all around the knee to smoothen it.

There is no harm in using support

You can try using support or braces which moves the pressure away from the knee when you walk. It is advisable in case you are suffering from osteoarthritis. At the same time, you can also try using different types of braces depending upon your body and knee pain requirements.

Some recommended Injections

You need to consult your doctor before going for any injection, however, there are some which are mostly used for knee pain treatment.

1. Hyaluronic acid

For creating lubricants in between your knees, this particular injection is used for ease and increasing mobility between knee joints. The effectiveness of the injection mainly depends upon the intensity of the injection but the shot varies between 6 months to 3 years. If your arthritis has just started, then you can use one injection in 5 years. In case of a mild level of arthritis, 2 to 5 years’ duration of injection is preferred and in case of a severe case of arthritis, the recommended dose of the injection is twice a year.

2. Corticosteroids

This injection is used for short term relief in knee pain which last for not more than a few weeks. This also reduces the onset of the probable start of arthritis inflammation.

Recommended Surgery

Before opting for any surgical procedure, it is better to weigh the pros and cons of each surgery.

1. Partial Knee Replacement Surgery (Makoplasty)

In this procedure, only the damaged portion of the knee is replaced with the plastic and metal pieces/parts. The healing time is quick and can be performed using smaller incisors.

2. Total Knee Replacement Surgery (Total Knee Arthroscopy)

It involves the replacement of damaged cartilage and bone with artificial kneecaps. The results are fatigue and the wear and tear process. Since it is major surgery, thus the healing time is also longer.

There are some other home remedies also available for knee pain treatment. What procedure you adopt, depends mainly upon the issue and cause of the knee injury and pain. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before going to any procedure.