Recovering after Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients are normally given anesthesia for the surgery so they do not feel any pain when the incision is made on the knees during the surgical process, also to ease the movement of surgical instruments in and out of the knee. When the damaged knee is removed followed by replacement of the artificial knee joint with the help of adhesive material, the knee is put together and the patient is shifted to the recovery room from the operation theater.

How does the recovery phase start?

The recovery phase starts as soon as the patient is shifted to the recovery room. Though patient remains in anesthesia for some time, and is encouraged to start movement so things could become easy for him/her. It is important because patient might not have used that knee for long before the surgery due to intensive pain and thus there is always a fear of lock down in the knee.

It is also possible that muscles in that knee might have become weak due to being in the dormant position, thus one need to strengthen it, so they could take better control of the knee after replacement surgery.

Physical Therapy helps in fast recovery

At this point in time, doctor will refer the patient for physical therapy. Patient will be asked to maintain some exercises through physical therapy, which could be carried out at home as well. You can even discharge from the hospital in three days’ time, provided you start light walk and movement of the knee. But you will be needed to continue physical therapy as well as exercises as advised by the surgeon. In the initial phase you will move your knee with the help of crutches, once knee is able to take proper control of the muscles and the body, one is able to move without the crutches.

When to see the doctor again?

In the first three months after the surgical process, the knee is still in the recovery phase and patient has to be very careful in carrying out their normal routine tasks. Sometimes patient feel pain during this phase and get panicked, however this is very normal. Besides this, painkiller is also prescribed in case an intense pain is felt in the knee, however, one need not to rely too much on the pain killers because this way muscles become too much dependent on the painkillers. In case, the pain gets intense followed with swelling and redness along with sides of the surgical knee, then it is better to see the doctor before taking any self-medication. The first three months is the time when maximum knee strength could be regained and muscles along the knee could be strengthen.

The recovery time though varies for every patient undergoing knee replacement depending upon the strength of every individual, but first three months after surgery are main time when the muscles get strength and can hold the weight of the knee. Regaining the normal functions of the knee back is very difficult during the recovery phase especially after the surgery, but first three months after the surgery is pretty crucial for patient and they need to do as prescribed by the surgeon.

The article gives some basic information to all those who have just undergone knee replacement surgery and they can learn all Do’s and Don’ts for the recovery of knee.