Learn About the Ultimate Rotator Cuff Injury Treatments

Are you experiencing severe pain in the shoulders frequently? Then rotator cuff injury treatment could be considered as the perfect step to be implemented in order to be released from chronic discomfort. Rotator cuff refers to the group of tendons and muscles that work to keep your shoulder stabilized and aids in smooth mobility without any discomfort.

In today’s modern era people are going through severe inflammation and pain in the shoulders or upper arm because of sport injuries and normal wear and tear of muscles tendons or severe injuries caused in the shoulder rotator cuff area. Read about the various treatments for rotator cuff injuries here.

Symptoms of acute Rotator Cuff Injury

  • Lifting heavy materials can cause severe pain.
  • You will not be able to lift your arm.
  • Pain during movement of the arm
  • Weakness or stiffness in your shoulder
  • Clicking sound whenever you move the arm

Causes of rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff injuries are basically categorized in to 3 types and rotator cuff injury treatmentdepends on the severity and cause of the inflammation.


Over usage of the rotator cuff usually leads to tendinitis injury that causes it to be inflamed. This painful injury condition is experienced by painters, tennis players and people who carry much burden or heavy loads in their shoulders.


Another common type of rotator cuff injury that requires treatment is caused by inflammation in the layers of bursa. Bursas are fluid filled sacs that are placed in between the rotator cuff bones and tendons for friction free movement.

Rotator cuff strain

Acute injury or over usage of the rotator cuff can lead to strains. In this case the connecting muscles or tendons can be strained or torn completely or partially. This type of injuries are caused due to accidents or fall or other injuries in that particular area, which might cause severe pain and inflammation.

Nonsurgical Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

Rotator cuff injuries can be treated with following methods before the condition gets worse and end up in surgery.

  • Applying cold or hot packs on the shoulder affected.
  • Physiotherapy exercises for restoring mobility and strength of the rotator cuff tendons and muscles.
  • Reduce inflammation with steroid injections.
  • Reducing movement of affected arm by resting it in a sling.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to curb the swelling and pain.

Surgical Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

In case the rotator cuff injury is severe and cannot be treated with non-surgical treatment methods, then your physician might opt for a rotator cuff surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscope is a tube fitted with tiny instruments and camera for analyzing and fixing the injury. In this Rotator cuff injury treatment method a small incision is made in the shoulder to insert the artroscope tube. Therefore recovery period of time is very short compared with other surgical methods.

Open Rotator Cuff surgery

In severe tear of the tendons it is necessary for the Doctors to make a much larger cut with well equipped instruments for fixing the inflammation and injury effectively.  

Mini-Open Surgery

This is a perfect blend of both Open surgery and Arthroscopic methods for fixing the issue. In this type the Doctors will initially starts by inserting the arthroscope tube and later treat the tear of tendons and muscles with perfectly designed instruments.