Effective Knee Pain Relief and Treatments in Singapore

Effective Knee Pain Relief and Treatments in Singapore

As per the statistics of Singapore, more than 40 per cent of Singaporean elders have knee pain issues with women at more risk. There are of course some known reasons for this pain among people.

  1. It could be due to obesity among people because it causes more pressure on the kneecaps and knee joints. Thus, if you simply lose weight the situation can improve a lot.
  2. In case you have had a knee injury or any tight muscles, your chances of knee pain become high. Strong muscles reduce the chances of getting any knee pain, also with good body flexibility there are fewer chances of a knee injury.
  3. It also depends on your lifestyle. The kind of sports you play strongly determine the chances of getting any knee injury or knee pain. Sometimes prolong standing lead to increase chances of knee pain.

Probable symptoms and signs of Knee Pain

If you are experiencing the below-mentioned symptoms, then you are at risk of developing knee pain.

If there is redness as well as warmness:  This situation is also accompanied by chances of inflammation and swelling.

Swelling as well as Stiffness of the knee muscles: The knee pain starts with knee swelling and stiffness of the knee muscles. When it starts it takes around 48 hours for the knee to properly develop knee issue or pain. Swelling cause difficulty in bending, elevation and taking other movements.

When you experience weakness and instability: Sometimes when you walk, you feel instability during walking or running.  It causes loss of balance and you may fall. It could be due to weakness or any tear in the knee muscles.

If you are unable to bend the knee muscles: if you are unable to bend the knee or it causes when you move or bend your knee, then it is another signal of getting infected with knee pain. Your doctor may ask for an MRI or an X-ray to check the probable cause.

Available Knee Pain Treatments in Singapore

It all depends upon the severity and nature of the knee injury to see which procedure suits you. The most recommended cures available in Singapore are the following. Read more about knee pain treatments and solutions here too.

  1. For Mild Injury: In case you are living with a mild injury in your knee then you can go for RICE protocol for a simple and easy pain reliever. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
  2. For Moderate Injury: If there is a moderate level of knee pain that causes knocks and sprains but you are still walking then you can try:
  3. some activation and strengthening of knee muscles, i.e., muscle education.
  4. Go for radiofrequency therapy or ultrasound, i.e., electrotherapy modalities.
  5. A knee support or brace.
  6. Any medications involving anti-inflammatory.
  7. For severe Injury: In case of severe injury to the knee, you can try using walking aids in the form of a walking frame or axillary crutches. Otherwise, can also try MRI or X-ray.
  8. For Degenerative Injury: Its treatment in Singapore includes any modification in your activity or doing exercise for muscle relaxation.

If you are living in Singapore, you have several options available as mentioned above. However, it depends upon the type and intensity of knee pain that you decide which option to go for. Always ask for medical specialist advice first.