The Impact Foot Traffic and Duration of Movement Has on Choice of Flooring

The Impact Foot Traffic and Duration of Movement Has on Choice of Flooring

Places like hospitals have people walking in and out 24 hours a day. The impact on this floor is higher than on one that is open eight hours a day. In hospitals, the entrance usually has more traffic than other areas such as the area where the intensive care unit is. The flooring in these sections of the hospital may be different. Besides choosing flooring that is durable in places like the entry point, they also need to be cost effective.

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In this article, Jamie Morgan discusses the best flooring for health facilities.

Essential features of flooring for hospitals

“The best hard-flooring products in hospitals today offer solutions to enhance not only floor performance, but the performance of the space as a whole — including safety, comfort, acoustics, mobility, maintenance, infection control, aesthetics and cost of ownership. These features are incorporated into many of the latest hard-flooring products.” read more here

Hospitals are sensitive areas. There are possibilities of infections being spread from the various surfaces, including the floor. When selecting a floor for hospitals, one essential consideration is the safety of patients, nurses, doctors, and visitors. Some floors retain water because of how they are designed. Besides being anti-slip, it is essential to have a floor that easily dries when it is cleaned. The chosen flooring also need to ensure noise is reduced.

In this article in, the author discusses luxury flooring options for hospitals.

Luxury flooring with anti-slip features

“We are keenly aware that the healthcare industry has a unique set of requirements when it comes to flooring. All flooring in healthcare establishments must meet the exacting standards demanded by healthcare organisations and regulatory bodies. Flooring must also be durable and must perform well, even in areas of high traffic. As Liverpool’s premier healthcare flooring specialists, we can work…” read more here

When selecting the best floor for health facilities, it is essential to consider the regulations that have been set aside for all facilities. However, this does not mean the floors cannot be luxurious. Several options can be used to make a hospital more appealing and attractive. Some of the additions that can be used to make a hospital look luxurious include the use of cushioned floors in specific areas, flooring with different patterns and textures. It is, however, important to consider the needs of the patients when choosing ways of enhancing the appearance of the hospital using the available flooring options.

In this article in, the author discusses some of the case studies carried out in various hospitals on the impact of flooring on the quality of service and recovery of patients.

The Role of flooring in the recovery of patients and performance of hospital staff

“An increasing volume of research shows that the physical environment in which patients are cared for and in which caregivers work has a measurable impact on them. It is estimated that more than 1,000 research studies illustrate how healthcare design can improve patient care, enhance medical outcomes, and reduce medical errors and waste. As a result, the use of this research in the design…” read more here

The management of hospital facilities is responsible for the environment in which doctors and nurses work. They are obligated to ensure the patients are comfortable. Patients suffering from different ailments visit hospitals in the hope of getting the right attention. The environment plays a critical role in the stress levels of patients while in the facility. The colors, designs and safety features of flooring are critical in ensuring the functions in the hospital are performed seamlessly.

When identifying flooring for medical facilities, it is important to remember the impact patterns and colors have on patients who have dementia. Autistic children need not get agitated because the chosen décor affects them negatively. All medical conditions need to be considered when flooring in hospitals, especially those that accept patients suffering from any medical conditions. The floors also need to be anti-slip, easy to clean, cheerful, and have a calming effect. Floors that do not reduce sound will likely agitate patients and cause the staff to be distracted. Proper care needs to be taken when choosing flooring for sensitive locations like hospitals.